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Meet Shamiqua, a devoted professional cleaner known as "Meeki," who has embraced the concept of "Cleanliness Redefined" to elevate living spaces with impeccable attention to detail. With a genuine passion for cleanliness and organization, Meeki has transformed a childhood interest in tidying up into a thriving cleaning business. Specializing in private residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, and organization & decluttering, Meeki's expertise guarantees pristine environments for all clients.

Driven by a deep understanding of the benefits of cleanliness, Meeki is dedicated to providing exceptional service, focusing on private residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, and organization & decluttering. She continually strives for excellence, extending her commitment to her craft with a line of all-natural, environmentally-friendly cleaning products called "Wipe!" Explore the benefits of Meeki's unique approach to cleaning and the "Wipe!" product line for a healthier, happier home. Experience the transformation and elevate your living space with Meeki's unparalleled attention to detail.


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